Zlich Offers Advice For Saving Money

While it may not seem to make sense or be helpful one of the most helpful things you can do to get yourself in the correct mindset for saving money according to Zilch is making sure that in your free time that you are spending time doing things that truly make you happy. Those are free for example if you like to cook instead of spending hours and hours on social media looking at what others have that you don’t which just as a reminder, we put our best snapshots on social media it is never anyone’s whole life. Anyway, instead of being on social media, you could look up different recipes to try out. The next thing that zilch recommends is to take the time to invest in yourself. Learn a new skill that you want to learn. You can even find many ways to do this for free such as YouTube. Another recommendation is to take a skill or passion you currently have and turn it into a side hustle to assist in making some money on the side. Now here comes some more detailed advice that may not be as exciting as the other advice but is just as important if not more in order to be financially responsible. As we are all aware almost everything is online and digital now which makes tracking finances even easier now. There is a new kind of banking option for purchasing things that you need to make a payment on. They are buying now pay later options such as the app Zilch. The way it works is you make equal payments over six weeks. Why is buy now pay later better than credit cards? Because with buy now pay later you are not accruing interest like with credit.

Original source to learn more: https://www.zilch.com

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