Vik Bansal: A Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

InfraBuild, an Australian-based steel manufacturing, and recycling company has achieved significant operational and financial performance under the leadership of Vik Bansal. Before he joined InfraBuild in July 2021, Bansal served as Cleanaway’s CEO, the largest waste management firm in Australia. He helped the company achieve tremendous growth by rebranding the firm.

Bansal updated Cleanaway’s mission statement to position the company as an industry leader in waste management. Moreover, Bansal implemented Footprint 2025, a strategy that helped the company to manage waste sustainably.

As the CEO of InfraBuild, Bansal applies his prior experience to help the company become a leader. He is highly committed to enhancing the customers’ experience and offering products and services that exceed InfraBuild clients. Besides, Bansal is helping the company to gain an edge over its competitors by implementing a customer-centric model. He emphasizes continuous improvement and making customer-driven decisions.

Vik Bansal InfraBuild’s business philosophy focuses on the belief that a company can generate profit while maintaining sustainability. He believes that sustainability provides an opportunity for innovation, and thus it should not be viewed as a problem.

Vik Bansal is making an effort to build InfraBuild’s reputation by making the company a leader in the steel industry by reducing its carbon footprint. Under Bansal’s leadership, InfraBuild has partnered with the University of Wollongong’s Steel Research Hub and Swinburne University to implement Industry 4.0 technologies within the company’s manufacturing processes.

Vik Bansal has more than two decades of experience in executive roles in Australia, the US, and Asia. He has created a reputation by driving company growth through transition and improvement. Apart from corporate work, Bansal has served as a non-executive board member in several companies. These include the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Australian Steel Institute, and the National Association of Manufacturers. Read this article for additional information.


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