Tips from Robert L. Mckenna III on the New Work Environment

Recently, Robert L. Mckenna III weighed in with 5 tips for making the new hybrid work environment work in the era after the pandemic.

As society adapts to the pandemic, the current work environment is in a hybrid, in-between phase.

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Here are some tips for navigating this new world as it becomes more complicated than- “everyone must be in the office while working.”

Stay Flexible

In the new world of working environments, holding on to the old model could hurt a company’s bottom line.

After all, workspaces in an office are becoming more and more expensive.

This could cost more than $10,000 per part-time employee. Factoring remote employees into this just makes sense.

Design Your Work Area

Falling behind on work or annoying bosses is something you can avoid by plotting out what you’re going to do a bit.

This starts with separating your workspace from your regular house space.

That way it still looks professional and you don’t confuse yourself about when you’re working and when you’re not.

Plan Out Your Day

It can help to understand when you’re working and when you’re not.

This could mean schedules, especially when it goes back and forth between the office and remote.

You should also dress correctly for important calls from your workspace. This again helps maintain separation.

Stick to Your Boundaries Advised Robert Mckenna

Know when you’re going to work, when you’re going to take breaks, and so on. Make sure that you stretch your body, rest your eyes, and so on, just like you would at a physical workplace.

It’s OK to interrupt your schedule for emergencies, but you don’t want to come to work late, and you don’t want to stay late unless you have a reason.

Otherwise, you might interrupt your rhythms and have trouble sleeping at night when you need to do so.

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