Tim Murawski: Executive turned Globetrotter

While some may know Tim Murawski for his roles in many successful MedTech companies, he is actually well known for being a hodophile. A.K.A., a travel enthusiast. He enjoys traveling around the world and practicing extreme sports. Healthcare expert and business mentor Tim Murawski enjoys seeing the world in different ways and gaining new experiences.


 Beyond travel, Tim Murawski also frequently goes fishing and skiing, plays tennis, and purchases sports cars. These hobbies bring him to new places around the world, either to purchase a new home in Lake Zurich, IL or go skiing in a small town in Colorado like Steamboat Springs. The Coronavirus pandemic became a worldwide crisis and, unfortunately, it harkened some of his grinder plans for traveling outside the country.


Still, it hasn’t stopped him from traveling stateside and creating new experiences for himself and his wife. They both keep on traveling no matter what. Tim Murawski has traveled all around the world, but he holds a soft spot in his heart for Southeast Asia, specifically Bali and Thailand (Twitter). 


However, Murawski also greatly enjoys visiting New Zealand. Bali, part of the Indonesian Lesser Sunda Islands, is a province in Indonesia that hosts unique natural features with outdoor activities to boot. Tim Murawski travels there to get away from things and relax on the beach. He travels to New Zealand for similar reasons.


He enjoys traveling to Thailand for street food and sightseeing experiences. Currently, in the US, Murawski often goes to the Snowbird Skiing Resort close to Salt Lake City, Utah, in the Rocky Mountains. Tim Murawski keeps an open perspective about things and uses travel as a way to disassociate from work and connect with real people. He understands that everyone is part of their own ecosystem with familial priorities and communal connections. 


Ultimately, he travels to understand the commonalities between people and things.