Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal Shares Her Favorite Things

Miki Agrawal’s Favorite Things: What a Social Entrepreneur Loves

‍Social entrepreneurs have a lot of great ideas but lack the resources to bring them to life. According to Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, the most important things you need as a social entrepreneur are support, time, and perseverance. These three things will help you build your idea and see it through until it becomes a reality.


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Support for early-stage initiatives

Social entrepreneurs face many challenges when starting their ventures. The first is that there is no existing industry to tap into. Most of the ideas and solutions start from an idea in the entrepreneur’s mind. When a social entrepreneur starts a venture in the social sector, they create a new industry from scratch.

Time to test, iterate, and learn

While ideas are powerful, they are only as good as their implementation. According to Miki Agrawal, you need time, resources, and perseverance to build a business. Social entrepreneurs often lack funding to bring their ideas to life and are often too busy building their ventures to focus on expanding their operations. The solution is to partner with organizations or individuals who can help you with resources, time, and space for testing, iteration, and learning. One of the great challenges of social entrepreneurship is no clear path to success.

A culture of learning and growth for personal growth

Social entrepreneurs like Miki Agrawal are often passionate about their cause and want to see positive change. Social entrepreneurs are often super-persistent and passionate about their cause. They can often be introverted people with limited social skills.

An environment where all team members feel secure to speak up

Many social entrepreneurs are experts in their field and have years of experience. However, they struggle to bring their skills and experience to the team because they don’t feel safe speaking up and contributing.

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