SextPanther – the Ideal Texting Platform for Adults

Have you ever wondered about a texting platform that is secure and interesting for adults’ use? No more worries. SextPanther has been a revelation, particularly in these unprecedented times of COVID-19. This platform offers a communication experience and one that concentrates on people’s need for entertainment.

SextPanther provides adult content creators with an opportunity to engage with an online audience, where they can share messages and other personalized media items securely. This platform relies on the more pervasive nature of texting than calling or using video calls, although there are no limitations for using the other two. Due to the casual reception of adult users for SextPanther, its popularity continues to increase, resulting in its everyday use on other platforms, such as WhatsApp and SnapChat.

Using this platform is risk-free. Users do not need to pay anything for sign-up. However, the platform charges $2.00 for users who need to chat. There are also different ways for adult content creators to market their content according to their personal choices and availability. Go here for more information

The sign-up process only involves a username, password, and email. After registration, members can freely learn how the system operates. However, content creators mostly need to upgrade to the premium package that ranges between $2 and $500.

In communicating with users, users utilize texts, phone calls, and video calls, with each method having its pay rates. SextPanther also provides phone numbers to adult content creators, which they use to lure fans into using the platform with limited registration barriers.

SextPanther ensures the confidentiality of information for users and their content. For instance, the company does not leak real phone numbers and credit card information to third parties. In addition, it provides terms and conditions on different items during sign-up, such as security, which is an obligation of all parties. For instance, the company pays content creators on a bi-monthly basis for commissions earned.

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