Ryan Bishti, Director of Cirque le Soir

Ryan Bishti got his start in the nightclub scene at first as a promoter. He previously spent time studying psychology and marketing and saw that there were ways to execute the nightclub atmosphere in ways that were not yet being capitalized on in London at the time.


In 2009 he opened Cirque Le Soir, and it immediately skyrocketed to success. Cirque Le Soir is THE London nightclub for celebrities, socialites, and anyone who wants to see and be seen. It is a plush, circus-themed atmosphere with a rotating cast putting on shows for the guests. The brand now has complete worldwide recognition.


Following the success of Cirque Le Soir, Ryan Bishti went on to open The London Reign Showclub, which is a modern spin on the classic cabaret atmosphere. Every night at The London Reign Showclub is a true spectacle, with incredible talent pushing boundaries and constantly raising the bar when it comes to nightlife entertainment.


As a true show of range, Ryan Bishti opened a restaurant in 2016. Restaurant Ours is in Knightsbridge, London, and is truly showstopping. The interior is drool-worthy, with huge trees, statement decor, and high ceilings. Restaurant Ours is one of the finest restaurants in South Kensington.


Ever the entrepreneur, he can now be found working on his plans to bring the legendary nightclub 1OAK to the UK. 1OAK is another celebrity hotspot and once opened in the UK under Bishti’s careful expertise, it is sure to make an impact just as his previous ventures have.

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