QNET Credited With India’s Steady Economic Growth

QNET India is one of the companies that has been credited with the country’s economic growth. The company that mainly focuses on direct selling has been in the limelight since it was founded. The company has improved and continually supported the livelihoods of the majority of Indians. It has been established during these unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic; majority of Indians sought opportunities as direct sellers. It has been established that the industry is expected to significantly grow to INR 64,500 Crore by the year 2025. Additionally, the industry is estimated to have over 2 Crore people in self-employment.

QNET India does not discriminate against people on basis of gender, age, and origin thus it has an enormous network of people across the country. These people have magnificently benefited from the industry by earning a decent livelihood.

The employees in the industry are bound together by one concept, Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM). Through this concept, the company has been able to reach the unfortunate people in society. The company has unleashed different programs that are aimed at improving the livelihoods of people in society. For example, the company was involved in the massive construction of Akshaya Home. This is a true reflection of the commitment of the company to giving back to the community.

Experts have asserted that direct selling could be the future of business even as the world battles Cobvbid-19. This is because the concept endeavors to eliminate middlemen who make the product extremely expensive to the consumers. The concept focuses on the manufactures sending the goods direct to the retailers for easy accessibility to the customers at reduced prices. QNET has been in the lead in embracing this concept making it earn a global reputation. The company has been credited with steering the growth of major economies across the world.


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