PosiGen Offers Affordable and Efficient Solar Energy

Founded in 2011, PosiGen has a straightforward mission of providing affordable and energy-efficient solar to low and middle-income households to reduce their energy expenses and improve the quality of their lives. Solar energy is clean and efficient, and it improves the overall environmental, economic and social well-being. PosiGen believes that adopting this technology should not be a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Going solar is expensive, and many regular income earners cannot spare the thousands of dollars required in advance and then wait for several years to break even before they start saving on electricity. 


In such a case, leasing can be a good solution. However, most solar system providers ask for credit scores that do not favor lower and medium-income people. PosiGen works on making it possible for all to get solar regardless of the budget. Most solar providers concentrate on their customers’ savings and credit ratings, and those below their requirements do not get an offer (Techbullion). 


This implies that a method that can improve the financial situation for most Americans ends before getting off the ground. PosiGen looks forward to your potential savings rather than concentrating on your credit and financial history. It offers a solar lease that saves you money while protecting the environment. PosiGen engineers use a pre-feasibility analysis to calculate the amount you can save with solar. They look at your energy consumption and spending to determine if you can make meaningful savings from solar. They also consider the amount of solar power generated from your rooftop.


If the company determines that a solar system will create a meaningful saving for its client, it offers a non-FICO-based lease. The long-term lease allows your potential solar energy production to become your income guarantee. The savings you earn from PosiGen allow you to pay off the discounted fixed rate for the lease on the solar system and keep the difference. This leasing proposal includes production estimates for the leasing period that shows the savings you will be making for years to come. Besides, PosiGen does not charge installation fees, and it offers free efficiency and improvement services to ensure you save money.

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