Laura McQuade Exceptional Leadership Skills

As the saying goes, “when you empower women, the whole nation is empowered. “Laura McQuade has been ranked as the most powerful woman in New York. Her career journey has been transitional, as well as her leadership skills as she plays the role of CEO at Planned Parenthood. As a result, the organization has received massive growth over the years attending to more patients.

Under Laura’s leadership, Planned Parenthood has improved in its delivery of comprehensive health care services. In addition, Laura has come forward with the idea to build the organization negotiating influence in the Empire State through the help of partnerships. The new plan will lead to the organization’s growth as the leading health care in New York. The plan will open new opportunities to more workers as well as an increase of twenty-eight health centers.

The new merger with the partnerships will create a more negating influence on the organization when dealing with commercial payers and the chances to affiliate with larger health systems. In addition, Laura McQuade’s quest to help more women will now be achievable through the plan as the plan will serve more opportunities for sexual and reproductive health care all around New York.

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