Larry Baer: San Francisco Giants President And CEO

Larry Baer, the current President and the SF Giants CEO is one of the most influential leaders in Major League Baseball. His leadership has been instrumental to the success of a team that has won three World Series championships since 2010. In this blog post, we take a closer look at some of the best business lessons from Larry Baer’s tenure as president and CEO of San Francisco Giants baseball club!

  1. Find your point of difference and emphasize it!

Larry Baer attributes the success of San Francisco Giants to an emphasis on finding a clear point of difference, rather than trying to compete with opponents based on similarities. For example, after the team won its first World Series in 2010, Larry Baer ensured that employees had more flexible work arrangements in place to help them balance work life with family life. That was a clear point of difference that helped promote the organization as one that cares about its employees!

  1. Be creative in your event planning!

The Giants CEO have always been known for their innovative theme nights, this colorful array of themes is at the heart of the innovative culture of the San Francisco Giants. Larry has always ensured that there is a creative streak at play when planning events and theme nights!

  1. Successful sports organizations are successful because they have great traditions in place!

San Francisco Giants baseball club’s tradition of excellence can be traced all the way back to their move from New York to California in 1958, and the team’s first season as the San Francisco Giants. Although they faced tough competition from the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics early on, they managed to find success by becoming a strong unit!

  1. Be innovative with your employee perks and benefits!

SF Giants CEO baseball club offers employees generous benefits that include flexible work arrangements, access to AT&T Park (their home ground), and ticket allocation for any Giants game. These benefits show employees that their employer really cares about them! Read this article for more information.


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