Josh Garza

Josh Garza is a drummer from Austin, Texas.

Josh attended Berklee College of Music before studying with the legendary jazz drumming instructor Alan Dawson in New York.

After two years of rigorous training, Josh graduated and moved back to Austin, where he began playing with some local jazz musicians.

He has performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival with pianist/singer/songwriter Karrin Allyson and toured Europe with guitarist Tubby Hayes.

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Josh has played on the recordings of outstanding Texas bluesman to “The Truth” (2007), (2008) and most recently with fellow Austin musician, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Roberts to “The Truth Box” (2009). Josh has held his own with some of the best jazz and rock drummers in Texas, including Dave Gardner, Gene Jackson, Kenny Aaronson, Michael Shull, and Alan Dawson.

He has been a member of the award-winning group “The Sound of Color,” led by award-winning singer/guitarist Nick Gomez.

He was also recently featured on the albums by singer/songwriter Keith Sykes (2007) (2008). In addition, he has appeared on the recordings of blues greats such as Jeff Healey, Bob Brozman, and Sue Foley.

Josh was an original member of The Austin Jazz Workshop, led by alto saxophonist Doug James.

He has performed at the Seminar by “The Light Foot” and with several other bands in Austin, including “The Beautifully Bizarre” [with saxophonist Doug James], (plus drummer Lance Richard, bassist Kelly Joe Phelps, former solo drummer Alan Dawson, keyboardist David Campbell] and most recently a group called “Leaf on the Wind”, (featuring Josh Garza on drums, Craig Myers on guitar and Austin native Donny Dobbs on bass guitar) that has been featured in the Texas Music Magazine.

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In addition to touring and recording, Josh Garza teaches privately and has students around Texas.

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