How Alex Pissios Has Been Instrumental in the Chicago Film Industry

Alex Pissios was born and raised by his parents in Chicago. His parents were Greek immigrants in the U.S. Despite being a son of immigrants, that did not prevent him from pursuing his education in the U.S. His father was a teacher specializing in special education. 

Alex Pissios decided to follow his father’s career path while in school. That pushed him to pursue a course in English literature from Northern Illinois University. When he completed his undergraduate, Pissios changed his mission to become an education specialist like his father. In 2003, he chose to concentrate on real estate. 

As one of the real estate developers in the U.S., Pissios almost lost everything due to the economic downfall experienced in 2008. 

Investing in the Film Industry

After losing almost everything due to the recession, Alex Pissios decided to grow his family business. His uncle owned a film and TV production facility in Toronto. The facility was known for hosting some of the most popular productions in Canada. 

In 2011, Alex Pissios and his uncle bought 60 acres in North Lawndale. They used the land to create a movie studio called Cinespace Chicago. Cinespace Chicago later became one of the largest and best movie studios in Los Angeles and beyond. 

About Cinespace Chicago

Cinespace Chicago has 32 sound stages, several support spaces, and production offices. Alex Pissios and the team at Cinespace Chicago have been at the forefront in transforming the film industry. The team has supported the film industry in Chicago with over three billion dollars.

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