From NYRR, Now Michael Capiraso Joins The JoggingBuddy Team As Shareholder And Advisor

To many people, Michael Capiraso is a common person who loves sports especially running. However, to his close associates at JoggingBuddy, Michael Capiraso is a transformational and visionary sports enthusiast. Perhaps, it is his enthusiasm in sports and the zeal to produce good results that made him to be appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the team that organized the infamous New York Marathon. Even before Michael Capiraso was appointed the New York Road Runners (NYRR) CEO, he had worked with several brands that supported sporting activities whether it is running or basketball. Some of the brands Michael Capiraso has worked with include Haan, Calvin Klein, WPP and Cole. He has also been involved in organizing sports events such as in the NFL and the Major League Baseball. Connect Michael Capiraso’s  Instagram

Michael Capiraso says that when he saw the team at JoggingBuddy, he knew he was at the best place. “I know I am home. This is where I belong. My time here and my support are worth the effort. I have worked with Tony in the pasta and now working together with the whole team is incredible. I am happy to be with people who we share the same mindset of walking, jogging, and even running on our roads to keep fit as well as to maintain a healthy life,” Michael Capiraso said. Michael’s input in the American sports has seen a transformational change over the time he has dealt with the different brands.

For instance, when Michael Capiraso worked with NYRR, he sealed all the loopholes and within a short period, NYRR’s revenue doubled from $50 million to $100 million. His innovative marketing strategies and intuitive approach to businesses with sports is topnotch. On his part, JoggingBuddy CEO Tony Piedade said, “We are delighted to have on board, a true sportsman like Michael. .

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