Edgard Corona’s Success

Edgard Corona is a Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur, as well as some time politician, is famous for his companies SmartFit and Bio Ritmo. These companies have excelled at bringing in people over the years, and Edgard Corona has a lot to say about why SmartFit and Bio Ritmo have done well.

Mr. Edgard Corona started out as a chemist working for his parents’ sugar company. After that, he opened his first company, even though he knew nothing about fitness. He has said before that he thinks it’s important to learn by doing. He simply noticed that there weren’t nearly as many gyms in local areas in Brazil and South America in general as there were in places like the United States. In fact, this number remains much higher in the U.S., even after Mr. Corona opened all of his companies.

Due to the fact that he provided a service that was needed in these areas, Mr. Corona quickly found initial success. After this success, he decided to open another gym business, this time modeled after the Planet Fitness locations found in the U.S. with more of a franchise approach.

One of the things that he did hear was to replace some of the fitness instructors with just televisions that had fitness programming on them. That way, he would minimize how much money he was paying in salary to individual instructors. Most customers could pretty much learn what to do through the television programs on their own without too much help.

He joked that if any gym chain was going to beat his first chain, he wanted it to be his second. Mr. Corona has always attributed his success to a combination of hard work and his ability to learn and adapt based on the challenges that come up in whatever business.

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