Demystifying Tieks

Tieks is a show brand launched in 2008 by enthusiastic brothers in their early 30s. The shoes have broken the international standard are known pretty well for ultra-comfort and quality. The leather shoes are also adorable. They come in different shades of colors. The company started gaining popularity once Oprah put the shoes on her favorite list in summer 2011 and spring 2012. The company right blue sole shoes receive immense sales and have remained in high production since then.

Its primary mission is women’s empowerment on its immense non-profit contribution to Kiva. Gavrieli Foundation continues to be the most significant donor giving over 10 million dollars to date, funds that have helped transform over 55,000 female entrepreneurs across the world.


Tieks features a premium leather collection that uses 100% Italian leather made by hand in Italy. It is still very soft leather after hours and hours of tossing. The material is therefore soft and sturdy while providing excellent features. Here are other features:

Cushioned back. Most women complain of an aching back from the back of the shoe. The shoe’s design features a cushion at the back to protect the feet. Elastic materials are very tight.

Flexibility. The company fits cute light blue soles that maintain a space between your foot and the ground to support the shoe’s grip from the ground. It gives you added support on the ground and eliminates back pain.

Soft shoes. One attribute you will love about these shoes is the soft feel barefoot. The outer skin and inner sole are hand-stitched, preventing dig and drag.


If you are waiting for Tieks to go on sales, you might be pretty much waiting for the wrong thing because they do not. It is a reasonably expensive shoe brand, though very comfy and high-quality. They have excellent customer service to make sure customers are always happy. Reach out to them for your next pair. Refer to this article for more information.


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