Citizen App Gives Customers Safety And Awareness 

The United States crime alert Citizen App starts its first paid feature that gives customers the right to enter a live agent where they are safe in unsure locations.

This unique app aids people so when they are in a crowded but comfortable area, they will have a police scanner traffic that will let them know of local events.

The new highlight called “Protect” can closely watch a customer’s location if they feel they are currently in a dangerous area. They also can connect through text or video feed with a Citizen employee who can increase calls to first responders.

In case a customer feels threatened, the agent can have the ability to contact a person’s emergency numbers or have a special alert to aid other Citizen users in the same area.

The Citizen app has been a one-way system right from its launch. The good thing about it is that it gives real-time situational awareness to people, and its users can decide what to do with the app when needed.

The app, which started in 2016 under the name Vigilante, currently has close to one hundred thousand subscribers but will now be available for the iOSdevices with additional users subscribing to the app.

The Citizen app explained that new customers could start “Protect” by shaking their phone or pressing a “get agent” button, which will help monitor a phone’s audio to identify sounds if a person yells out for assistance.

Apps like Citizen have aided people to stay safe during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The main goal of this unique app is to always protect agents, even for people who are medical responders and former law enforcement officers. However, they can take a four-week certification course while getting training to help raise awareness for mental illness, anti-racism, and prejudice prevention. Refer to this article for additional information.


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