The Impeccable Career of Adam Milstein

Some people believe that success in a matter of luck. Some even go ahead to argue that if it’s a matter of luck, you must be in the wave. To Adam Milstein, success is a culmination of many things. He says that three things define you; following up every lead, persistence, and consistency. He is a testimony of these three defining factors. Adam has beaten odds his entire life. Having failed to satisfy the employers that he is good enough, he decided to go out on his own. This was when he started working as a broker for three years in California.


Adam Milstein has been shaped by his education background and unrelenting desire to succeed in life. He attended the best and the finest colleges and Universities in the world. For instance, he acquired his degree from Technion College where he specialized in economics and business. For his MBA, Adam Milstein attended the University of Southern California. Adam Milstein has also been shaped by past mistakes which have taught him a lot. When in college, he wanted to succeed in an overnight and invested more than he was capable of losing. This taught him an invaluable decision that success is sweet when acquired over a long period. He has learned his lesson today as he warns future investors of this mistake.


Adam is currently involved with a company called Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. This is a firm that he established with the help of his friend David Hager whom he met when working as a broker. The two formed a partnership and have complemented each other in many ways. To Adam Milstein, David is a bright person who stays ahead of many issues regarding the real estate business. Adam draws joy from helping the less privileged in the society. Whenever he feels he needs to get away from work, Adam Milstein jumps into helping people with the many organizations he is part of.


Adam is most famous in Israel and United States for the role he plays with the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. This is a family foundation dedicated to helping Jews from all over the world.