Lessons from Daniel Taub’s Career and Life Insights

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat. He is also an international lawyer, who has written on various topics related to the Middle East. Some of his articles have been published in the Guardian, the Times, The Huffington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. Mr. Taub also has a book to his name, which is called Parasha Diplomatit. In the book, he gives an analysis, as well as insights, of the Torah sections, from his own perspective. When he is not performing his diplomatic duties, Mr. Taub gives lectures on international law. He also loves writing, and in his earlier life, he was President Herzog’s speechwriter.



Diplomacy: Where did he start?



When asked how he became involved in diplomacy, Mr. Taub recounts his move to Israel. He moved to the country to work as an intellectual property lawyer. During the time, he was excited about the new advancements in technology, and the opportunities which came with it. At the time, in early 1990, there were predictions of serious peace negotiations involving Israel and its neighbors. This was during the Madrid Peace Conference, and Mr. Taub made the decision to get involved in the process. With his expertise in international law and negotiation theory, Mr. Taub chose to take a leave of absence. He soon joined the Israeli foreign ministry, which saw his career grow for over 20 years.



As an ambassador of Israel to the UK, Mr. Taub has an exciting career. His days are not monotonous, and he loves the fact that no day is the same as the next. He handles political negotiations, academic cooperation, and dialogue centering on a wide range of issues. He other areas of activity include security and intelligence sharing, business and tech cooperation, media and public diplomacy. In all these capacities, he is required to maintain a balance.



During his term in office, Mr. Daniel Taub has managed to achieve a lot in terms of Israeli-UK cooperation. He has fostered a good relationship between the two countries, ensuring that they bridge gaps in areas such as entrepreneurship.



Personal Values



In his profession, Daniel Taub has to deal with people, and he strives to develop an interest in the people he meets and the meetings he attends. According to him, being curious, and showing the zeal to understand other people and their passions will enable you to broaden your perspectives on a lot of issues.