Avi Weisfogel, Man with a Golden Heart

Sleep disorder ranks quite low in the list of disorders that call for serious attention. However, sleep problems are slowly gaining their well-deserved attention as more people present with various symptoms associated with the disorder.

Sleep disorder has caught the eye of a very unlikely expert, Avi Weisfogel, a dental expert who looks to venture into the little known medical field. Surprisingly, Weisfogel is a well-trained dental expert having studied Doctor of dental surgery (DDS) in New York University. He also has a Bachelors’ degree from Rutgers University in Psychology and Biology.

He earned numerous achievements and recognition in the dental industry and even begun his own practice in New Jersey, Old Bridge Dental Care. He gained trust and confidence among his clientele, showing accuracy and precision in his dental surgery practice. During this time he observed a significant number of his patients who showed up with dental problems, also exhibited sleep disorders. It bothered Weisfogel that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Despite building an affluent career, Weisfogel just couldn’t shake off the desire to help people with sleep problems. He became so passionate about it, he took up courses covering sleep disorders and even went on to switch from his fifteen-year career in dentistry, just so he could give it all his attention.

Thereafter, he founded a number of firms and institutions that aimed at training and informing physicians on sleep disorders. Some of these institutions include Healthy heart sleep Company and Dental Sleep Masters.

Now he has managed, through his numerous training programs, to equip fellow dentists with much-needed skills on how to detect and treat patients with sleep problems. With hard work, determination and self-motivation, Dr.Weisfogel exceeded all expectation balancing between practicing as a sleep expert and a dentist. It goes without saying that he has been greatly successful owing to the bright smiles and happy comments from thousands of his clients.

He is known to be an excellent sleep apnea specialist, a sleep disorder that hinders normal breathing during sleep. One can go for several minutes between breaths when suffering from Sleep Apnea. This can result in heart problems, stroke, and high blood pressure among others.