Can Dr. Mark Holterman Stop The Rise Of Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most prominent diseases affecting us today. We have a large and rising population of diabetics in America with no end in sight. A terrifying aspect of this all is the growth in our population’s youth. Young people are increasingly the victims of diabetes thanks to the modern diet and the lack of exercise so prevalent in today’s country (TheNewsVersion). Holterman is trying to find a way to stop the crisis before it manages to lead to a wave of Americans suffering from the irreversible effects of diabetes. His efforts all focus on providing the right education.


The most important thing to note about Holterman is that he’s made it clear he wants to do everything he can to give these children an understanding of what diabetes will do them and how to prevent it. Through his training camp kids can receive a better understanding of how obesity and diet are connected to diabetes in order to better prevent it. His plan to save them involves finding ways to promote healthier eating by emphasizing the importance of vegetables and fruits in our diets. The source of type 2 diabetes is always traced back to the food we eat.


Above and beyond everything else it’s certain that Dr. Mark Holterman’s crusade is taking us in the right direction ( There simply isn’t enough work being done to make sure children are able to protect themselves from the current onslaught of lifestyle diseases coming their way. If his plans work, we will have a way to understand what the solution looks like and we may even find ourselves in an entirely new era. The next generation needs all the help it can get and it seems that Holterman is offering them exactly what they’re going to need in the long run. His research into diabetes has made him one of the most prominent voices on this subject. His willingness to continue fighting for our youth is what makes his training camp a model for everyone to follow. This is how we approach the problem and solve it before something goes wrong.