Waiakea Water is Healthy Inside and Out

Waiakea volcanic water from Hawaii was always known for one thing. Bottling delicious, and healthy volcanic spring water straight from its source, in an environmentally honest way. Now they will be known for another thing and that is that the bottle itself will be made from degradable plastic. This unique plastic is made from a patented technology called “Nano degradation of plastic.” Regular plastic takes around 1500 years to break down, but Nano degradable plastic will do so in little as 15 years. On top of all this, this type of plastic is recyclable. This is all the result of scientist having to rethink packaging material made from plastic. Needless to say, this is going to change the packaging business in a big way.

The next natural question is that why did it take so long to create a product like this? The answer is surprisingly simple. The first reason is that for decades scientists were looking at methods to make plastic stronger. Biodegradability was not exactly very high on their minds. The idea was to find a way to make plastic stay strong for as long as possible. The second reason is that the alternatives to plastic, was bio-plastic, a product made with corn and sugarcane-based products, among other things. The short version of the story regarding bio-plastic is that the marketers did not succeed in making it a successful product.

Needless to say, all of this progress in using better quality plastics is perfectly in tune with Waiakea‘s attitude towards the environment. The water is harvested from a natural reservoir located near Mauna Loa volcano, which gets constantly replenished by rainwater. The amount that gets bottled is only a fraction of what the the reservoir holds, making it an environmentally sustainable water source. The founder of the company Ryan Emmons discovered this water while on vacation in Hawaii. He realized the water he and his family were drinking, was truly special. Once he made up his mind, he never looked back and started Waiakea Volcanic Water and began distributing the water so that the rest of us could drink this amazing and healthy product.