Doe Deere Draws on Experiences to Keep Lime Crime Moving Forward

Makeup is something that means many different things to many different people. Some wear makeup because they want to cover up a blemish, enhance their natural beauty, and draw attention to certain features. These type of people generally get inspiration from mainstream magazines and advertisements showing brunette bombshells with bright red lips. There are also those people who believe that makeup is so much more. There are the people who believe makeup is a type of art and that their faces are a canvas. Those who treat makeup is an art aren’t try to fit in with the crowd. They’re the type of people trying out new looks and bold colors. They’re not afraid to mix colors and no look is too bold. Many of these people draw their inspiration from Doe Deere, herself.


Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup. Deere created the makeup company because she was at a drugstore and she realized that there was a serious lack of bright colors. She knew she had to create them if she was going to get her hands on the products necessary for her magical look. If you ever see a picture of Deere or catch her out in public, you’ll be drawn to her bright colored hair and lips. Deere has flawless skin and whatever products she rocks, she looks great. Deere loves to explore bright colors and fresh looks. That’s why she’s constantly coming out with new products for herself and for her fans. Lime Crime recently released a line of hair dye that helps those, no matter their hair color or type, achieve unicorn hair. Unicorn hair is just one of the many ways that Deere is helping others achieve the look that they want.


Deere is the reason that Lime Crime has a lookbook section on their website. This lookbook is where people can get inspiration from others on how to rock the bright colors and how to make bold statements with their makeup. Deere wants makeup lovers to know that they’re not alone in how they feel when it comes to treating makeup as an artform. This lookbook helps them.


Deere isn’t just focusing on makeup. She’s actually focusing on empowering others. Deere wants everyone to believe that they can chase their dreams and accomplish them. Deere likes to tell her followers to “go where you love.” It’s simple really and it’s exactly what Deere herself did. If she would never have followed her passion, Lime Crime might never have existed.


Deere herself took the scenic route when it came to running her makeup company but along her journey, she learned so much. Deere grew up in Russia until moving to New York. By moving to two vastly different places, Deere was able to get a feel for different personalities and styles. All of these experiences she’s taken with her as she develops new products for Lime Crime. At the end of the day, these experiences are what he uses to keep Lim Crime pushing forward.


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