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Alfons Hörmann is a former minister and president of Germany’s Association for Sports, Culture, and Leisure. In his interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, he comments on the future of German sport. Speaking about what is happening at the regional level, he says: “We have to take seriously that amateur sports clubs are declining because there is too much competition from other leisure activities like fitness gyms or music lessons. In this context, whether we lack a strategy to keep children and young people fit. I don’t think that we have to change the sports system, but instead, have to adapt it to the new trends in leisure time activities.” Alfons Hörmann also says that there has been much talk about diversity in sport but little action. “I am curious what we will talk about in 20 years if nothing changes. We still have problems with discrimination, especially when it comes to ethnic minorities or children with a migration background.”

According to Alfons Hörmann, the English model is attractive because it includes sports in the school curriculum. “We have made efforts to do so, but on a much smaller scale. We are dependent on the goodwill of municipalities and politicians, and this is not enough for a major shift in policy.”

He also points out that increasing female participation will be crucial for the future of amateur sports in Germany. “Fifty percent of all participants are women, which shows that there is potential, but we need to do more to reach them.” He points out that many women have less time available because they have to take care of their children and households. “We need to offer more courses when they are free and we need to take into account the fact that women generally are less competitive than men. Many of them prefer social sports like dance or amateur soccer instead of individual sports like running or swimming.”

Alfons Hörmann suggests that municipalities could play a more significant role in developing female participation: “Municipalities could get involved by offering municipal vouchers for sports clothes or equipment. Get more info with Alfons Hormann at

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