Alejandro Betancourt Improving Marketing at Hawkers through Novel Methods

Hawkers Co. was a dream business that four friends were set to realize. After attempting to enter other ventures and failing, the group finally sold eyewear online from California. They initially resold Knockaround brand sunglasses and later on brought in investors like Alejandro Betancourt. His presence and business skill helped revive the business, which had nearly collapsed.

The company was established in 2013, taking the eyewear fashion scene by storm. By 2016, it was selling more than 10,000 protective, stylish, and durable sunglasses daily. Betancourt was the help the venture needed with its rapidly growing demand. The founding partners were also ambitious and committed to their expansion.

However, they were facing issues with manufacturing products, hiring employees, opening novel stores, and managing their cash flow. These factors had high prices, and the company’s income went quickly to cater to their expenses. As such, the group felt that working with an expert investor like Alejandro Betancourt was necessary. His record with O’Hara Administration, a global investment group, proved he was not only smart with finances but with business operations as well.

After joining the eyewear manufacturer, Betancourt looked at its metrics and made adjustments. He particularly focused on improving transparency in the company’s supply chain and offer good customer service. Although these accomplishments were significant, finding techniques to enhance profits was more impressive. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez decided that the company would depend on social media influence, and the technique has worked since being implemented.

In the first year, 2016, about 93% of the $70 million in revenue realized was generated from social media. Social media proves an effective sales sector now. To boost income, companies now use influencers that are looked up to in their circles.

A Brief History

While social media marketing is not new, Instagram was newly founded when Alejandro Betancourt began supporting Hawkers. The platform did not have the influence it wields now, but the prosperous investor saw potential earlier and leveraged it for their success. Go Here for related Information.

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