Activision Blizzard Sanctions Russia

Activision Blizzard has been the latest company among a series of organizations to impose sanctions on Russia. The company has stopped the sales of all games as well ass in games purchases in the country. Activision Blizzard had announced that it will be suspending its game sales in the country, in support of stopping the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The company joins other gaming companies such as Fifa and Ea sports that have also sanctioned Russia in various games owned by the franchise. Activision has also pulled down the Call of Duty World League that was scheduled to be played in Moscow at the end of the year. This is seen as support for sanctions to stop Russia from taking over Ukraine’s Crimea/

There several organizations that have joined the move to sanctions Russia in solidarity and support of Ukraine. Amazon has suspended the localization of its games in Russia, On the other hand to halt the sales of its products and services in Russia. Google, Twitter and Facebook have suspended the advertising of its products in Russia. It is also being reported that Russian banks have blocked payments against Visa’s card and PayPal’s account respectively on orders to ban payment services to companies that provide services to these companies in Russia.

Activision has stated that it is in support of Ukraine. In a statement to the public the company stated that it wants to recognize and support the Ukraine people and its making donations to help the refugees and provide immediate relief in the region. The company statement called for a diplomatic solution to stop the conflict between the two countries.

Activision Blizzard has stated that the company sanctions will have no effect on those who have already purchased games from them. The company also said that it will offer refunds to customers who wish to return games from buyers in Russia, who have already purchased them. Read more by visiting:

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