About Joseph Ashford

Joseph Ashford of K4 Global is one of the fastest-growing social enterprises. He spent four years as a lawyer before dropping everything to start a company focused on helping young people get into the technology industry. Ashford’s story is only the most recent example of what can happen when you leave your day job and decide to have it all.”

I was working in litigation, and I was very unhappy,” Ashford says. “I used to look at the people who got to do the interesting stuff, and I wasn’t doing that stuff. I didn’t have a great passion for it either.”

K4 Global, which Joseph Ashford founded, is now one of London’s fastest-growing companies. It’s a social enterprise called a ‘social impact business,’ and Ashford is an award-winning innovator in the field.

Like many social enterprise companies, K4 Global aims to improve the world. “I founded the company to help young people get into technology,” he says. “That’s what we do, and I put my whole soul into it.”

The company runs coding boot camps where young people can get mentored by experts in the tech industry through immersive learning experiences and work on real business challenges.

About Joseph Ashford: www.josephashford.com/

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