Tony Petrello Was a Prodigy From a Young Age

Tony Petrello is one of the wealthiest and most well paid CEOs in America. This is no surprise, as he is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest oil drilling contractor in the United States. However, Tony Petrello was not born into success. His parents were not wealthy, and he did not have elite tutors. Instead, he worked his way up and got where he is through dedication and hard work.

Tony Petrello comes from Newark. He grew up in an Italian neighborhood. In Tony Petrello’s home city of Newark, dedication and hard work are admired. Nobody admires liers over there. Everyone looks up to people who are honest and who care about others. That is where Tony Petrello was instilled with the moral values that he has. He attributes his success to these great moral values.

Tony knew that success only comes through hard work. He knew that there was no substitute for hard work and that there were no shortcuts. After he learned to read, Tony would study textbooks for hours every day. He learned mathematics at an early age. In fact, he learned differential calculus at an extremely young age. Tony knew that his parents were hard workers who worked hard to bring food to the table. Tony used all the resources that he had at his disposal to make sure that he learned all that he could. He planned on studying mathematics in university and getting a degree in math.

Tony Petrello soon realized his dream. At the age of eighteen, after graduating from high school, he was awarded a scholarship at Yale University. Tony and his parents were excited to learn that he was accepted. Tony soon moved to a Yale dormitory room to study math.

Tony Petrello caused everyone at Yale University to be impressed and astounded. Everyone realized that he was a genius when it came to math. They knew he would be a great math scholar. The famous math professor, Serge Lang, knew that Thony would be a great mathematician. Tony helped out Serge Lang with his number theory.

Eventually, Tony decided that being a math professor was not for him. He decided to enroll at Harvard Law School. He got a degree and worked for a famous law firm as managing partner. He eventually decided to go into the oil industry.

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