Use of Technology to Enhance the Growth of the Health Sector According to Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll Filho is the founder of D’Or hospital which is known to be one of the largest groups of private hospitals. He is a businessman and a cardiologist. Jorge believes in technology innovations which have made it easier for people to access best health care services. According to him, he started his hospital as an examination center and later added equipment which helped it grow into a big private hospital. The hospital has been able to serve so many people in Brazil and as a result, reduced congestion in the private hospitals. Jorge believes that the main thing to do in the health sector is to give patients the best services at a lower cost and making them loyal. Through this, he is ready to assist other health providers in improving the state of health in Brazil.


Jorge Moll believes that people working in the health sector regardless of what they do, need to collaborate and discuss how they can enhance the growth of technology for better health care services. He believes this can be achieved through partnerships. In his hospital, Jorge ensured it was built to meet the characteristics of a five-star hotel. From the patient rooms to the area where stretchers are put, you can tell the hospital has high standards and the best technology innovations which have made patients to seek their services. Also, Jorge founded his hospital with the aim of giving unique services to his customers.


According to Jorge, he feels that visiting a hospital where you get welcomed warmly and get the best services makes you feel confident and satisfied. It made him hire the best doctors and other medics who can offer best services. Jorge also put up resources that patients could need such as a restaurant and others. D’Or hospital serves many people across Brazil, and this has encouraged Jorge to enhance the growth of the health sector. Finally, Jorge believes that volunteering goes together with the health sector ( In this regard, people who volunteer do best for the health organizations and patients as well. Volunteering can be in the form of giving donations that help the health organizations to get better treatment facilities or equipment.