Success Marks the Career of Glen Wakeman as a Philanthropist

Glen Wakeman is a successful small business owner, financial services expert, investor, public company CEO, and executive mentor. He has spent 21 years working in P&L and business development roles at GE Capital. Glen is passionate about building successful business empires by developing individual and company agility.


As a global investor and business executive, Glen Wakeman trains other CEOs on how to run their ventures efficiently. One of the tenets of his teachings is the importance of giving back to society. He has recently donated $1,000 to the Puerto Rico’s Red Cross. He encourages his clients to give back to the community as it helps them stay connected and involved. Having worked in six different countries and worked in 32 regions around the world, Glen Wakeman is aware of the continued interconnectedness of the global economy. Glen’s 20-year career at GE Capital has left him with an extensive background in the world of business. Glen Wakeman’s recommendations to donate has a significant impact on his clients. Again, his successful career at Nova Four has bolstered his credentials as an entrepreneur and business executive.


Glen Wakeman works at LaunchPad Holdings, a SAAS corporation launched in 2015 as the Chief Executive Officer ( Glen Wakeman’s role at LaunchPad Holdings has given him an opportunity to share his extensive experience with a variety of executives. He is well known for developing a methodology that assesses and improves business performance. His 5-step model focuses on execution, governance, leadership, risk management, and human capital. The passion for the business world that inspired him to develop a 5-step methodology is the same that fuels his work as a philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur.


As entrepreneurs continue to acquaint themselves with the teachings of Glen Wakeman, most of them are seeing the importance of his recommendations to give to charitable causes such as the Red Cross (PhillyPurge). As Glen Wakeman continue to prioritize donations, philanthropic organizations such as the Red Cross can continue their missions of making the world a better place to live. The ongoing collaboration between non-profit and the business community is instrumental in the success of relief efforts in Puerto Rico.