Louis Chenevert Demonstrates What it Takes to be Successful in the Aviation Sector

When you look at what Louis Chenevert has accomplished in the aerospace industry, you can only admire his achievements. Having spent 14 years of his career as a General Manager at General Motors, his career wouldn’t have kicked off any better. From General Motors, Mr. Chenevert joined United Technologies (UTC), an aero company, and this is where he is most celebrated.

The French-born Canadian Louis possesses a Production Management Degree from the University of Montreal. He is a determined and result-oriented market leader. One of his most admired skills at UTC is the ability to think ahead. He is able to identify a potential opportunity from afar and invests in it until the opportunity pays off. He had a higher success rate at UTC in the provision of aerospace equipment.

UTC Journey and Success

After more than a decade of service as a manager at General Motors, Louis Chenevert was ready for another challenge. UTC’s subsidiary Pratt & Whitney offered him a chance to work for them and he joined the company. He diligently delivered for six years at Pratt & Whitney before he was elected President of the division. He served as President for seven years and his efforts were recognized by the global community of UTC. He was elected the overall President of the corporation and doubled up as the Chief Executive Officer.

As the CEO, UTC was able to achieve massive growth during his tenure. UTC is recorded to have generated $100 billion during his first year as the global CEO. He also made major acquisitions for the company. One of the notable acquisitions is Goodrich for $18.4 billion. In 2014, Louis Chenevert resigned from UTC and took an advisory role at Goldman Sachs the following year. At Goldman Sachs, Louis is able to access the aerospace market and provide the company with investment advice.


To a majority of business leaders in the aerospace sector, Louis Chenevert demonstrates the skills needed to make it. Though retired, the foundation that he laid at UTC is still active and is the reason for the corporation’s recent global dominance.