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A person can develop a passion at any stage of life, and thus one shouldn’t worry about not finding his or her passion early. If you finish school without clearly knowing what would motivate your professional career, consider taking a break to do what you love most, like Greg Blatt. This is because, if you go to do that which you don’t love for the sake of finishing studies, you will be committing suicide on the future of your career. Aware of this, Blatt took a study break after Colgate University awarded him with his undergraduate degree. He traveled around the globe, minding less of not having enough cash, for he knew he could do any job. Whenever he realized his money was diminishing, he sought casual jobs in these countries.

His sacrifice and dedication to the cause of finding career motivation did not go unrewarded, for in the process, it dawned on him that in law is where he could get career fulfillment cutting short his tours. Therefore he registered for a law course in a renowned university and started practicing after graduation. Greg’s first position in the legal industry was as an Associate lawyer under corporate law. He later joined the entertainment space, where he remained for long since it has no limitations to creativity and innovation.

Under entertainment, he worked with IAC and Martha Stewart. The reason behind abandoning a position offered by Martha Stewart to the same by IAC is because the company had no limits to personal and career growth, meaning he could even occupy top-most positions: CEO, Chairman, and Executive Chairman. What once seemed a wish turned to reality: In 2010, after a decade of working with IAC under different categories, Greg was made the company’s CEO. Three years later, he was given the CEO and Executive Chairman Positions at Match Group, IAC’s largest subsidiary. One year before his exit from IAC, he was the executive chairman and CEO of both Tinder and Match Group

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