Mental Healthcare Campaign By Pamela Baer

Pamela Baer is a Director at the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation who consistently campaigns to develop various public health initiatives that target the vulnerable members of her society. Pam has been on the hospital’s board for so long that she is officially recognized as a lifetime member.

Pamela Baer has contributed significantly towards studying mental health through a collaborative program called Transform Mental &Behavioral Health Fund to help the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Service Program that operates 24/7.

During the pandemic, Pamela Baer’s team realized how mental health matters are directly linked with people’s socioeconomic circumstances, with a spike in the number of people battling mental health due to the sudden uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

Pam Baer is particularly conscious of the mental struggle that homeless people in her community have endured in the pandemic on top of their already deplorable living conditions. It is circumstances such as the ones Covid has presented that the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital aims to address through Pamela Baer’s help.

Figures reported by the Psychiatric Emergency Service at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital indicate that thousands of patients are annually treated for psychiatric conditions. More than half of these patients are from minority communities or homeless.

To help with the expensive treatment of mental health conditions, Mrs. Baer helps the hospital by holding public and private fundraising events that support the public health care initiatives offering essential medical services for equal access to the people. Pam is originally from Texas and met her husband while working in New York; the couple moved to Francisco, home to her husband, and started their family. Mrs. Baer is a community leader who uses her influential status to drive philanthropic campaigns around the City of San Francisco; she claims that her upbringing is where she gets the spirit to do her work. Go here for additional information.


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