John Ritenour Builds the Business of Tomorrow

The concept of going to work is as timeless as the idea of work itself. There are many individuals who enjoy the commute to work as it acts like a home away from home. Workers stay upwards of 40 hours a week or more in their location. John Ritenour has learned how work culture affects himself, the employees, and the quality of service they provide. In order to meet the expectations of everyone around him, he describes how he found the right balance for his business. The results speak for themselves when matched up against the timing of new internal policies.

John Ritenour began implementing changes very early in his career as the boss of the company. He first wanted to give employees a reason to stick with their job for a long period of time. This resulted in a series of training programs and open friendliness among coworkers to help get the ball rolling from the first day. John Ritenour found the strategy to be successful on all business fronts. He kept the momentum moving with updated policies for encouraging successful commissions. A thriving business needs to keep the clients happy at the end of the day. It was clear that a positive corporate image benefited everyone.

The final key to a better workplace is encouraging everyone to use their creative mind. Throughout the business day there will be multiple opportunities for quick thinking. John Ritenour realized that spur of the moment decisions are often where a group can define themselves based on the choice they select. Overall, prosperous business tactics, happy employees, and a robust production are all intertwined together as the operation is supported in multiple ways. John Ritenour leaves the business in a better shape than when he started. Those in charge have a bright future.

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