How Georgette Mulheir is Fighting for Human Rights

About Georgette Mulheir

The founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy, Georgette Mulheir started her nonprofit organization in response to trying to help Haitian children who were imprisoned due to human rights violations. Since 2008, Defend Haiti’s Democracy has worked with other organizations in an effort to ensure that children are treated fairly and their rights are not violated. Mulheir’s work was recognized by CNN Heroes where she received a CNN Hero Award in 2011. She was also recognized as one of Forbes 12 Amazing Women In Global Philanthropy. As a child, Georgette Mulheir witnessed firsthand the impact political unrest had on small countries such as her own. More than three decades later, she remains committed to continuing her education about what it means to live in a politically unstable nation. In addition to working at George Washington University as a senior research associate at its Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, Mulheir encourages people around the world to be more aware of how they can personally become active global citizens.


About Human Rights

As a global activist championing children’s rights, activist and global leader Georgette Mulheir has fought tirelessly to bring awareness to issues that threaten human rights. From terrorism to earthquakes, she believes that if we are to have real, lasting change in our world, it must start with children. The world’s youngest citizens are innocent bystanders of violence and warfare all over our planet, yet they are also its most vulnerable victims (Defendhaitidemocracy).


Defend Haiti’s Democracy

Founded by entrepreneur and social activist Georgette Mulheir, Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHd) uses participatory action-research to empower communities. This methodology has proven effective in bringing about policy change at both national and international levels. The organization focuses on three main areas: children’s rights; health care; and democracy building. While these issues may seem disparate, they are all part of a larger goal to bring about positive cultural and political change for Haiti and its citizens as well as those living overseas. Georgette Mulheir states that DHd does not take a specific political stance, but instead supports those who promote human rights and development. For example, it works with leaders from all sides of Haitian politics who share similar goals; it also accepts money from individuals or companies with different worldviews.

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