Hawkers International Sunglass Company’s President Alejandro Betancourt

Hawkers is a high-quality sunglass designer that is affordable for every lifestyle. The company started its success in Spain. With Alejandro Betancourt Lopez at the helm, the company’s President, they have expanded their distribution of sunglasses to North America, Asia, and all of Europe. The company developed over the years has more than 200 employees with offices worldwide, has stores in 50+ countries, and with more than 4.5 million sunglasses sold.

They are one of the original companies to prosper from Facebook advertising campaigns. The company has continued to use inline distribution channels as its primary platforms. This way, their sunglass prices stay unquestionably lower without sacrificing quality. Even though they have more than 40 stores worldwide, 90% of their sales done online. To learn more visit: here.

Another lucrative marketing campaign is the Campus Representative Program; the company recruited 5,000 college students as brand ambassadors to publicize their sunglasses on campus. The brand ambassadors use social media to promote their sunglasses brand and develop excitement about Hawkers to earn prizes and incentives.

Along with being Hawkers’ President, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also owns an asset management fund company, O’Hara Administration. His fund company has investments and owns 20% of pacific Exploration and Production Corp., one of Latin America’s largest independent oil producers.

Alejandro Betancourt is the son of a musician and great-grandson of the former President, Hermogenes Lopez. He graduated from Boston, Massachusetts’ Suffolk University, with a double major in Economics and Business Administration. Alejandro Betancourt has enterprising business savvy, and his knowledge runs deep.

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